Nels, Anna and Evelyn Dahl Nursing Education Fund

If you walked through Birch Hills, SK today, you would pass “Dahl Avenue”, named in honour of Nels and Anna Dahl upon their retirement to Saskatoon, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to that community. Nels B. Dahl is best remembered for his pioneering work in developing the Municipal Health Care System and the building of the Birch Hills Memorial Hospital.

Their youngest daughter, Evelyn, now residing in Ohio, has followed their example for generosity of leadership and finan­cial support by committing a bequest to Saskatoon Foundation to establish a fund that will provide support for nursing students of Aboriginal ancestry in Saskatchewan.

Evelyn remembers her parents’ generosity to those less for­tunate, and has followed in their footsteps by attempting to ensure that access to adequate health care is available to others through the dedication of her bequest.

Evelyn Dahl-Esplin pursued a career in nursing following her training at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. She made her mark on that profession by being chosen Director of the first School of Registered Nursing Assistants in a Canadian hospital, and devised the first curriculum. She also enrolled the first male student to the program. During her career, she vol­unteered with the Canadian Red Cross Corps as a night trans­port driver, assisting war veterans, shut-ins, and the physically challenged. When called upon, she drove an ambulance and met airplanes from the Northwest Territories with infants and children in need of care in Toronto. She also belonged to The Red Cross Capers, entertaining the war veterans and shut-ins with as many as 52 shows a year.

Evelyn was forced to forego her vocation when she became totally deaf in 1971. She then directed her attention towards improving the services for the deaf and hearing impaired. She was part of the team that initiated close captioned television news broadcasts and lower telephone rates for the deaf and hearing impaired requiring special telephone devices.

Evelyn’s personal commitment to ensuring adequate access for Aboriginal students to her beloved profession of nursing will provide a unique legacy to the work and memory of her parents. Saskatoon Foundation is proud to recognize the contributions of the Dahl family to our province and city, and to assist in ensuring that their family ideals will continue to contribute to the quality of life in our community.

This Student Award is for an Aboriginal student from Saskatchewan pursuing post-secondary studies in Nursing. (For the purpose of this award, Aboriginal is understood to include status Indians, non-status Indians, and Métis)

Deadline for applications  June 15th

Submit to or send to:

Saskatoon Community Foundation
101 – 308 Fourth Avenue North
Saskatoon SK S7K 2L7

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