Olive Suitor Fund

Saskatoon Community Foundation was named as a beneficiary in the estate of Miss Olive Suitor.  Saskatoon Community Foundation has received $52,500 from the estate, as undesignated funds.  It is understood that Miss Suitor chose the foundation because many of its grants are to assist children in a variety of ways.

Miss Suitor was born in Blenheim, Ontario in 1900 and attended school in Khedive, Saskatchewan.  She lived in Saskatoon for over 30 years before she moved closer to her family in Moose Jaw.  She was an employee of Saskatchewan Government Telephones for 37 years.  She was, according to her niece Shirley Stockton, interested in the Arts and Music programs in Saskatoon and “in anything that made Saskatoon an enjoyable city to live in, whether for children or seniors.”  She lived close to the river and was delighted with the Meewasin development of the area.  The Saskatoon Community Foundation Board is most grateful for Miss Suitor’s bequest.  Every effort will be made to use the income from this bequest to improve the quality of life in the Saskatoon Community.

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