Perry Foster Family Fund

Perry came to Saskatoon in 1948 to study engineering at the University of Saskatchewan and, with the exception of seven years, has lived here ever since.

In 1959, he returned to Saskatoon, became self-employed, and married Eileen Kearney, a Saskatoon City Hospital nursing graduate.  Both were originally from Moose Jaw but met in London, Ontario while Perry was attending the University of Western Ontario.

Their four children – Christine, Craig, Tom, and Lina – were born at City Hospital in Saskatoon.  With the exception of Christine in Medicine Hat, all live in Saskatoon and are self-employed.  Other than Eileen’s untimely death due to breast cancer in 1992, life in Saskatoon has been good to them.

Eileen was always charitable and community-minded.  This mindset is best exemplified by her simple statement when she resigned her nursing position at Royal University Hospital as they were about to start a family: “I will never work for a pay check again.  It is up to you to earn the finances and I will look after the family.  Any spare time I have will be devoted to community needs.”  That is exactly how she spent the balance of her life.

Perry married Mona Chappell in 2000.  She has been a volunteer in many organizations in Saskatoon and fully supported his decision to establish the fund.

With their family history of community involvement it was easy to discuss with them the idea of doing something for Saskatoon.  Saskatoon Community Foundation was a relatively easy choice as Perry has known and respected some of the founding and present members.

Thus Perry made the decision to proceed: he feels it’s a start.

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