Prince Albert Historical Society Endowment Fund

The Prince Albert Historical Society (PAHS) operates four museums in three locations within Prince Albert, SK. The museums capture the history of the Prince Albert area and include themes related to education, policing and corrections, Indigenous and settler history. The Society operates John & Olive Diefenbaker Museum, a National Historic Site.

The PAHS is one of the oldest historical societies in Western Canada, first established in 1886. A fire in 1890 at the Nisbet Academy destroyed the artefacts and records that the society had collected.  In 1923 the society was re-established. A museum in the Nisbet Church located in Kinsmen (then Bryant) Park opened in 1932. The museum was moved to the Prince Albert (Queen’s Bench) Court House on Central Avenue in 1955. The Nisbet Church became the museum again in 1972 and operated there until 1975. Since 1977, the PAHS has operated a permanent museum in the original Central Fire Hall at 10 River Street East.

The Bill Smiley Archive is an important part of the work we perform. It was officially organized with the move to the Central Fire Hall.  Over 15,000 photographs, 300,000 negatives and 15,000 documents are stored in this archive. These records are a significant source of information on Prince Albert, the surrounding region and all of Canada.  Access to the archive is available to the public.

The PAHS is composed of approximately 100 members and a 12-member volunteer board of directors. Its office is located at the Historical Museum. The museums are available to visit year-round, but it is recommended to check on our website, for updated hours. Throughout the year, the PAHS hosts several events and participates in many others. 

Donations to the Prince Albert Historical Society will be used to continue their work of building the Bill Smiley Archive and developing exhibits in their museums.

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