Robert and Lura Mae Sider Flow Through Fund

Robert and Lura Mae Sider have always displayed the philanthropic spirit in their lives and since making the decision to retire in Saskatoon, they have generously given in many ways to the city. In 2000, the Siders created the Robert D. and Lura Mae Meeds Sider Fund with the Saskatoon Community Foundation and use the incomed earned from the Donor Advised Fund to support their favorite charities since then.

Every year, in addition to supporting their fund, Robert and Lura Mae have also used their own money to directly support other charities within Saskatoon. In 2015 they opened a Social Capital Account with SCF to assist in areas of their giving. SCF can facilitate the transfer of securities, something that many charities cannot offer their donors.

Donating securities reduces their capital gains tax allowing more of the gift to “flow through” to the charities of their choice. According to Robert, ” it only makes sense to do that when you can.”

The Siders enjoy the simplified giving of the Social Capital Account. “The money is well handled and we get to help even more charities.” It is one more way the Saskatoon  Community Foundation can help families like the Siders achieve their philanthropic goals.

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