Ruth Taylor Fund for the Saskatoon Music Festival Association

Ruth Taylor was a generous, community-minded woman whose compassion and love for children will live on through her memorial fund.  A native of Saskatoon, Ruth lived a number of years in the east before returning with her husband and family in 1958.  Soon after, she began working as a sessional lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Saskatchewan.  She went on to earn a B.Ed. and become Assistant Professor of Mathematics, retiring in 1989.  Ruth was respected among students as a talented teacher.  She was also active in her community, helping establish a day care through her church and serving as a trustee on the Saskatoon Board of Education.  She gave prizes to runners up at the Saskatoon Music Festival because she believed they deserved recognition for their efforts.  Before her death, she established a fund with Saskatoon Community Foundation to continue this work, and Saskatoon Community Foundation is pleased to honour her wishes.

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