Sam and Dorothy Jackson Fund

Sam Jackson (passed away March 2, 2006) was originally from Prince Albert and Dorothy Jackson from Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Together, they have made a life for themselves in Saskatoon, and the creation of the Jackson Family Fund is their way of giving back to a city they both love.  Sam and Dorothy have been supporters of Saskatoon Community Foundation since the mid-1970s, and Sam was on the Board of Directors.

The family fund was created with donations made over many years.  It is undesignated right now, since it is still in the building stage, but eventually the Jacksons would like to create a bursary to allow gifted underprivileged children to pursue educational opportunities.  When asked why they established the fund, Sam says, “everybody has an obligation to help others, not just a right to this or that, and that’s all we’re trying to do.  This is a great city, and we want to make a difference.”

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