Saskatoon Citizens’ Centennial Endowment Fund

Saskatoon’s “time to shine” and celebrate the city’s centennial year was 2006.  Saskatoon’s Centennial Committee hosted a year-long celebration, a buffet for the sense, where we met friends – new and old – strengthened pride in our city, and in ourselves.  It was a year of exceptional celebration and civic pride commemorating the growth and achievements of our city, born 100 years ago.

The committee’s principles of accessibility and inclusiveness ensured that all citizens of Saskatoon had the opportunity to participate in the Centennial celebrations in some way.

The legacy of Saskatoon’s Centennial will be an enduring one for our community thanks to the Saskatoon Citizens’ Centennial Endowment Fund.  This fund helps community-based organizations offer special events that are accessible and inclusive, in keeping with the values of the Saskatoon Centennial Committee and the many events held throughout the Centennial year.  Grants from this endowment fund will be used to increase accessibility to a special event held in Saskatoon.

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