ScotiaMcLeod Association Fund

ScotiaMcLeod – Saskatoon and North Saskatchewan is proud to have the opportunity to live and work in the friendly and family oriented environment of Saskatchewan.

ScotiaMcLeod believes in supporting organizations that improve the communities and strengthen the social fabric of our beautiful province.  The ScotiaMcLeod Association Fund was formed in 2012 in support of charitable organizations that contribute to the well-being of children, youth and families.  ScotiaMcLeod believes that the benefits of having its own fund within Saskatoon Community Foundation are the flexibility to combine the money raised within the branch for a charity of choice as well as the ability of any employee within our branch to provide a charitable donation to Saskatoon Foundation.  The concept of perpetuity added appeal for ScotiaMcLeod, knowing that donating these funds today would help support Saskatoon well into the future.

The consolidation of efforts and funds into the ScotiaMcLeod Association Fund also allows the advisors the ability to be strategic in their annual granting and support for various causes, more so than they were able to do before.  ScotiaMcLeod would like to thank its advisors for their collective contributions of their time and resources to this fund.

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