Stewart and Phyllis Schoenhals Fund

“I’ve been thinking of doing this for awhile,” states Mark Schoenhals, of his decision to establish The Stewart and Phyllis Schoenhals Fund at Saskatoon Community Foundation.  “At Greystone we are fortunate to manage the investments for some charitable organizations.  Over the years I have watched how endowments work and have seen, in particular, how Saskatoon Community Foundation uses donated funds to add value to its specific community.”

Mark’s decision to support Saskatoon Community Foundation was shaped by his family’s move west in 1959.  Mark’s family left Clinton, Ontario where their extended families were concentrated and headed to Saskatoon where his father, Stewart, was to open a new health insurance branch office.  Much of Stewart’s decision was based on giving his family better opportunities than could be offered in southwestern Ontario at the time.

“My parents wanted to give their three kids the opportunity to get a good education and in a larger centre such as Saskatoon, we would have more career options than were offered in small town Ontario,” says Mark.  “Saskatoon was a great place to grow up.  My future was really shaped by growing up in Saskatoon.”

Mark’s mother Phyllis was heavily involved in her church, almost on a daily basis spending a great deal of time working on church fundraising events and the travels of missionary families.

Phyllis and Stewart Schoenhals always encouraged respect for others and an involvement in the community.  Mark is confident that through the establishment of an unrestricted endowment, The Stewart and Phyllis Schoenhals Fund, their legacies will live on.

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