Sutton Community Impact Fund

The Sutton Community Impact Fund was established on December 16, 2010 with the goal to provide significant benefits in perpetuity for children and youth in Saskatoon and area. Lead donations are contributed annually from the partners of Sutton Wealth Planning and Sutton Benefits & Pension, Jay Stark, Stuart Sutton, Tim Hansen, Andrea Hansen and Bob Sutton (retired). They encourage others to consider where they can have an impact and ultimately hope to be an example to other successful businesses in Saskatoon who can also make a real and lasting difference in the community.

After 35 years in the financial services industry, Bob Sutton, founder of the business (originally Sutton Financial Group), knew one thing for sure–that financial planning is not just about the money. Bob began his career in December 1975, and his primary goal in becoming a financial planner was to help people plan for their future financial security based on a solid and common-sense financial plan. In 1990, Bob formed Sutton Financial Group, on the premise of providing objective and reliable advice to clients in the pursuit of their financial security and peace of mind. Bob believed that if you treated people with respect and always put their interests first, then the business would be a success. Bob’s son Stuart joined the firm in 2002 followed by Jay Stark in 2003. In 2011, Tim Hansen and Andrea Hansen joined the firm. They have partnered to build on the foundation laid by Bob and have worked to leverage that early success and is now recognized for its 2 identities: Sutton Wealth Planning and Sutton Benefits & Pension.

Their purpose is to simplify, preserve and enhance wealth and wellbeing. They help successful families, professionals, businesses and charities act on their best decisions and plans to protect and optimize the future for themselves and those they care about most.

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