Sydney Inskip Fund

In 1970, Sydney Inskip became one of the first contributors to Saskatoon Community Foundation, following a persuasive, yet frank, discussion with founder Fred MacDermid.  “One of the things I liked best, apart from the general assistance, is the support Saskatoon Community Foundation offers smaller charities that don’t receive the public appeal.  They could be overlooked so easily, but they provide such important work,” she says.  Benevolence was embedded in Sydney at an early age.  She remembers the Depression years.  The men who rode the rails looking for work – often to no avail – would descend from the trains and spread through the streets in search of food.  “My mother was so compassionate, she never turned any of them away,” recalls Sydney.  After many years of faithful support to Saskatoon Community Foundation, Sydney created the Sydney Inskip Fund.  She understood the need to cover operational costs, therefore chose to direct 50% of the fund’s annual income to Saskatoon Community Foundation’s administrative budget.  The remaining 50% goes to general Quality of Life grants, because she also wanted to support the work of smaller charities.  “I always have been particularly interested in helping younger people who have potential.  It would be wicked not to develop talent when the talent is there – just because there was a lack of money,” she says.  Sydney’s generosity will forever develop future talent.

Sydney Inskip passed away November 28, 2010.

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