Take the Reins Fund Jerald Thiessen Legacy Fund

Jerald Benjamin Frank Thiessen was born February 2, 1956 in Central Butte, SK and passed away on February 23rd, 2019 at 63 years of age (19 with 44 years’ experience).
He lived life fast and furious and he sought friends and passions that matched his pace. His way of living was to burn brightly. Jerald had a fire inside that cannot be extinguished. That warmth and energy touched and inspired many and it burned so strongly that it will keep us warm in his absence.
Jerald endured a difficult childhood. Rather than pushing him down he rose above it. He rescued and healed and found his path forward. Jerald’s legacy of giving from the heart to make others’ lives better will continue in the ‘Take the Reins’ legacy fund. ‘Take the Reins’ will  support children, who otherwise would not be able, to follow a passion, whatever that passion might be.

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