The Kumud and Rani Fund

We have set up this fund in honour of our grandmothers, Kumud Pathak and the late Rani Garg, who were both active community members everywhere they lived. Between them, they have called India, Zambia, and Italy home, and have taught us to love the world.

Kumud Pathak and Rani Garg supported literacy programs, access to potable water and sanitation, job training for marginalized youth, food and nutrition programs, and many other initiatives. They taught us to care for children in need and to help those whose needs were greater than ours.

Our grandfathers, Navin Pathak and the late Ashok Garg, partnered with these formidable women in all their endeavours.

This fund is established as an Unrestricted Fund, and we wish to focus on initiatives that support youth, poverty reduction, uplifting women, and promoting indigenization where possible.

We are Aditi, Avni, and Aneri – three sisters who grew up in Saskatoon. No matter where we land, Saskatoon has special roots for us. We are thankful to have had role models such as our grandparents, as well as our parents Adi and Smita.

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