Val and Sandy Muyers Family Fund

Val and Sandy Muyres owned and operated V & S Plumbing for over 30 years, providing plumbing for new residential construction. (Since 2011, the company has been owned by their youngest son and their son in law). They created the Val and Sandy Muyres Family Fund because they wanted to give back to our community in thanks for their successes. The Muyres’ were introduced to the Saskatoon Community Foundation by former Board member and long-time supporter Wally Mah years ago.

Val and Sandy met when Sandy was still attending Holy Cross High School, and they were married a year later after graduation. (Val had graduated from E.D. Feehan.) They raised four children: Janine, Keith, Sarah and Jonathan. All are hardworking and successful, and all but Keith live in Saskatoon.

Val has always taken pride in encouraging apprentice plumbers, and always employed several plumbing apprentices. V & S Plumbing now has over 20 employees, young hardworking journeymen plumbers doing their part to contribute their skills to the growth of Saskatoon.

Val and Sandy grew up in small-town Saskatchewan, Sandy in Buchanan and Val in Bruno, St. Gregor and Rama. Val’s dad was a carpenter, while Sandy’s dad was one of the founders of co-operatives in Buchanan. Their families taught them strong Christian values of hard work, helping and sharing with others, as well as strong family values. Now that they are retired, they have created their family fund to establish a family legacy of community support that they hope will continue with the coming generations.

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