Types of Gifts


A gift of cash gives you as a donor the satisfaction of seeing your gift at work today, plus it provides immediate tax benefits.

Bequests or Gifts by Will

A charitable bequest added to a will is an excellent way to benefit the community and create a personal legacy. The charitable gift is eligible for a tax credit for estate tax purposes.

Saskatoon Community Foundation strongly encourages every donor to consult with their lawyer on the wording used in their wills. The following language is provided only as a convenient resource for the donor and the legal counsel.

Suggested Bequest Language

Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifting life insurance is a simple way to make a significant contribution to your community and establish a legacy of giving, while realizing tax benefits during your lifetime.


Gifting stock or securities through Saskatoon Community Foundation you as a donor to receive a tax receipt for the full amount, eliminating the capital gains taxes associated with the stock. You can benefit from this added incentive to reduce the real cost of your charitable giving or increase the amount of your gift without increasing the cost.

It is easy to work with Saskatoon Community Foundation to make a donation of securities and provide financial support for one or more charities of your choice. Qualified donees are defined by Canada Revenue Agency, and include charitable organizations, city or town offices, and most churches, schools and universities.

You may contact us to discuss donations of private company shares. The three important factors we consider are: determining the market value of the shares; immediate selling opportunity or pre-arranged selling arrangement; and whether the shares have been acquired three years prior to donation time.

Securities Transfer Form