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Transformative Giving Improving Lives: Six Dubé Endowed Funds Announced

Saskatoon, May 17, 2021—Saskatoon Community Foundation has announced a transformative gift from philanthropists Irene and Leslie (Les) Dubé, creating a $6M endowment designated for six charitable organizations.

The Dubé Endowed Funds direct grants to sustain programs at the Lighthouse, the Canadian Mental Health Association of Saskatoon (CMHA Saskatoon), Sherbrooke Community Centre, the Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan, Hope for Malawi, and Food for the Hungry Canada. Granting for the six recipient organizations begins in 2021, and continues annually in perpetuity.

Irene and Les Dubé are well known in Saskatoon for their charitable and business legacy. Founders of the Concorde Group of Companies, they have donated millions to charity throughout their lives. Irene says simply, “We’re trying to be good stewards. We’d like to leave the world a little better than when we came in.”

“Les describes how philanthropy feeds the soul,” said Saskatoon Community Foundation CEO Carm Michalenko. “Working with Les and Irene as part of their legacy planning to create the Dubé Endowed Funds has been a tremendous honour. Through their estate planning they are wisely using life insurance to plan their legacy for their giving priorities. We are inspired by their mission to help others and create a community where everyone feels they belong. As we serve all donors, no matter the size of their estate, we encourage them to create a charitable gift plan.”

The Leslie and Irene Dubé Endowment for the Lighthouse:

Establishes a source of permanent financial support for the Lighthouse operations, serving some of Saskatoon’s most vulnerable community members experiencing extreme poverty, chronic homelessness, mental illness, and substance abuse.

The Leslie and Irene Dubé Endowment for Mental Health Family Support:

Enables the Canadian Mental Health Association of Saskatoon to assist caregivers as they care for family members experiencing mental illness.

The Leslie and Irene Dubé Endowment for Elder Care:

Enhances day programming, dementia care, and the physical environment at the Sherbrooke Community Centre.

The Leslie and Irene Dubé Endowment for Disaster and Emergency Response:

Provides targeted Saskatchewan funding for emergency support, food, and shelter for 72 hours after events like a house fire or flood, through the Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan.

The Leslie and Irene Dubé Endowment for Hope for Malawi:

Improves the lives for residents of communities served by Hope for Malawi, with an emphasis on expanding service to additional communities.

The Leslie and Irene Dubé Endowment for World Hunger:

In support of Food for the Hungry Canada, provides life-saving nutrition for the poorest of the poor outside Canada, enabling communities to better support themselves.

To find more information about the Dubé Endowed Funds and testimonials about their impact for these six charitable organizations, visit our website. For information about Saskatoon Community Foundation’s services for donors and charitable partners, contact us.

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Photo:  Irene and Leslie Dubé, courtesy of Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation, photographer Terri Feltham.