Saskatoon Community Foundation and COVID-19

Saskatoon COVID 19 Community Response Fund

We are all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that communities are at their best when people support each other ensuring everyone belongs. We know that Saskatoon’s most vulnerable citizens and the organizations that make this city great, will be impacted in the weeks and months ahead. As we connect with other community funders and leaders, we are planning support for agencies to have the resources they need.

The Saskatoon COVID 19 Community Response Fund connects those able to help financially with the agencies stretched thin today and facing uncertainty tomorrow.

As always, you can trust that we are here for our community now, and forever, and together with our community we will identify critical gaps to direct your support where it is needed most. We encourage you to support emergency needs of front-line organizations directly. We can facilitate if you need us.

Your gift to the Saskatoon COVID 19 Community Response Fund means our community’s story is one of the human spirit, where no one is left behind. Thank you for your generosity.

UPDATE March 24, 2020:

Collaborative City-Wide Support for Most Vulnerable Underway – Online Donation Portals Are Open

Saskatoon Community Foundation and United Way of Saskatoon & Area are part of Saskatoon Community Response to COVID-19, a group of more than 120 local organizations and agencies that have pivoted their work to support the most vulnerable. This group is a hub of community expertise in service delivery and Saskatoon Community Foundation and United Way are proud to be a part of mobilizing collaborative funding that will be distributed equitably and swiftly, as the challenges we face an unprecedented and fluid challenge. Funds raised will be disbursed based on local needs identified by this group.

Media Release

Quality of Life Grants for COVID-19 Resilience

Intake Deadline: April 27, 2020.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Saskatoon Community Foundation has created an expedited application process to respond to community needs. This process replaces our typical Quality of Life grants for 2020. To apply for support, your organization must be a qualified donee (registered charity or municipality). All qualified donee organizations affected by COVID-19, whether in terms of changes to your programs or the impact on your operations, are invited to apply. The application will take considerably less time to complete than our typical application.


An unprecedented city-wide, co-operative effort is underway to ensure that the most vulnerable people in Saskatoon are protected and that resources are allocated to meet the most urgent needs.

The Saskatoon Inter-Agency Response is made up of over 50 agencies (and counting), including non-profit, front-line service providers and representatives from the City of Saskatoon, the Saskatoon Tribal Council, and the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Together, they are implementing the Vulnerable Sector Strategy, a coordinated response to help ensure that everyone in our community has what they need – housing, food, and health services – to help flatten the curve by social distancing and self-isolating.

Resources from the Saskatoon Community Foundation and United Way response funds are directed through this coalition. If your organization is providing direct support to people who are especially vulnerable to the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic due to entrenched food insecurity and housing insecurity, please click below to apply. The form is brief and will take only a few minutes to complete.

For more information or to get involved with the Saskatoon Inter-Agency Response to Covid-19, please  click here or contact

Survey for Community Organizations

Front line organizations in the community play an vital role in keeping the most vulnerable safe from COVID-19. As well, many community organizations may be  affected by the economic impact of COVID-19 on the community. Saskatoon Community Foundation needs your feedback to understand how we can support community organizations through this challenging time. Please click below to take our brief 5 question survey. The survey should take only about 5 minutes. Tell us how COVID-19 is affecting your organization!

Safety for Board, Staff, Donors and Stakeholders

In order to keep our staff and community safe and “flatten the curve” as COVID-19 affects the community, Saskatoon Community Foundation has taken the following measures:

  1. Until further notice, our offices will be closed to the public. However, staff are still working, and can be reached by email or phone. Voicemail is monitored even when staff are out of the office, and we will respond as soon as we can. If you need us, please get in touch!
  2. All meetings will be done by phone or online until at least the end of May.
  3. Events may be postponed or cancelled until it is safe to resume normal activities. We will keep you informed of changes to scheduled activities.
  4. We urge all Saskatonians to observe the recommendations of the Government of Canada and WHO: maintain social distance, wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and self-isolate if you don’t feel well. Let’s help one another to keep connected and be well!

Protecting Your Investment in Community

We want to reassure you that, together with TD Asset Management, we have in place the necessary policies to protect our capital in the long term and during expected market changes. We acknowledge that the current market volatility causes concern. We are confident our Statement of Investment Beliefs and Statement of Investment Principles keep us focused.

We trust the expertise of our governance, through our Investment Committee and Board of Directors. Our mandate is to serve our donors, investors who care deeply about the well being of our community. We will continue to monitor our policies and the performance of our investment pool, ensuring that our many funds will generate sustainable granting income for community in the years to come.

Community Response Fund

Please help Saskatoon’s most vulnerable citizens and agencies.

Quality of Life Grants

Like all of you, Saskatoon Community Foundation is watching closely as events unfold relating to COVID-19. Saskatoon Community Foundation is people who care about the community, and we are with you in this challenging time. We are working to help in the best ways we know how.

We are communicating with authorities and community organizations to gather information about the current and emergent needs. We know that some people in the community will be affected more profoundly than others, so we want to our support to address these inequities.

We are working with community foundations across Canada and the world to share best practices and innovative ideas to support local organizations and the community.