Building Results with Social Enterprise

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Saskatoon Community Foundation supports Build Up Saskatoon

Build Up Saskatoon, a Saskatoon Community Foundation grant recipient, is now scaling up, having secured a three-year funding commitment from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Immigration and Career Training. The social enterprise, managed by Quint Development Corporation, delivers training for at risk people to learn skills and find work in the construction trades.

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Build Up Saskatoon projects include residential renovations and retrofits, and the program trains and employs a crew each year. Participants receive on-the-job training and wrap-around supports for a path to sustainable employment and the ability to provide for themselves. The results are quality construction work and positive social outcomes for a safer and stronger community.

The program enables people with limited job skills or involvement with the justice system to overcome barriers to employment and gain stability. Fewer demands on the justice system, emergency services, and housing supports are some of the cost-saving and life-changing results.

Photo: Program Manager Aaron Timoshyk is gearing up for spring recruitment: Build Up Saskatoon has trained over 40 tradespeople through their social enterprise. Photo by Dave Stobbe.

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