Financial Wellness and a Well-planned Year

Of course, every client benefits from a regular financial check in; however, your clients typically wait until major life changes occur to make financial plan updates. You can proactively reach out to your clients to show that you care about their financial well being.

Did you take time in the new year to ‘take stock’ of your finances? The first months of the new year are the perfect time to evaluate the previous year. How did your budget compare to reality? What adjustments are needed? How can your business be more successful this coming year?

While it’s important to conduct your own financial wellness plan, proactively reaching out to your clients at the beginning of the new year is a valuable way you can help them re-focus their needs and goals.

Focusing on financial wellness is important for your business and for your clients.

It helps you budget better

A focus on financial wellness makes it a priority, forcing us to face financial issues make good decisions.

It reduces anxiety

Financial problems can become a major cause of anxiety and depression in our lives. In understanding that financial problems can be managed and solved, we take a step in the right direction.

It encourages financial stability

When we take an honest look at our financial status, it allows us to re-focus and prioritize the goals and plans that may have been neglected. Bringing our awareness back to our finances encourages us to continue working towards financial stability.

Reach out this month to your clients and open a conversation about one of these areas.

Show your clients you are thinking about their financial well being and take some time this month to check in with them. This is great for business and will help foster a more personal relationship between you and your client.

Explore charitable giving

Conversations about charitable giving add tremendous value for your clients and your practice. By asking about giving, you also demonstrate you are engaged in the community and want to make a difference.

Create a financial plan

Has your client made a financial plan? Do they know where to begin and what to include? Or does their previous plan still match their current goals and objectives?

Create a budget

Yes, many businesses actively use a budget, but the number of individuals who don’t is surprisingly high. Offering to help your client with a budget may be just what is needed to keep their finances on track. Personal budgets are also becoming increasingly popular, yet few individuals know where to begin in preparing one.

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