How can a community foundation help you serve your client?

As we near the end of the year, many of us begin to wind down our schedules as we look towards the holiday season. Before you hang your ‘out of office’ sign, here are a few helpful suggestions when talking with your clients about year-end tax planning.

Year-end tax planning

Your client can make a gift now, and then work on their schedule together with the community foundation to determine the charitable organizations that will benefit from their charitable gift. Allowing time to discuss questions such as “who/why” means your client can focus on “how/when” and make a gift at an opportune time at the end of the year. As a professional advisor, you can help clients with tax needs who desire to have a charitable impact.

Gifts with impact today

The community foundation makes it easy for your client to give by accepting gifts of cash or property. A gift of cash or property gives your client the satisfaction of seeing their gift at work today and provides immediate tax benefits.

Life insurance benefits

Donating life insurance is a simple way to make a significant contribution to the community and establish your client’s legacy of giving. It can also create tax benefits that they can enjoy during their lifetime or put towards taxes on their estate.

Appreciated securities

Donating publicly listed stock or securities through the community foundation allows your client to receive a tax receipt for the full amount, essentially eliminating the capital gains taxes associated with the stock. This can reduce the real cost of their charitable giving or increase the amount of their gifts without increasing cost. (Ask us about year-end giving deadlines.)

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Source: Community Foundations of Canada Professional Advisors E Resource

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