Working with the Crocus Co-op Crew

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The Crocus Co-op Transitional Employment Work Program is a Quality of Life grant recipient that gives workers great opportunities to work in the community and experience satisfaction and belonging.

The Transitional Employment Work Program at Crocus Co-op gives individuals living with mental health needs the opportunity to gain employment and training in a safe, supportive environment.

Working with the Crocus Co-op Crew Through the Crocus Co-op Transitional Work Employment program, members found confidence, stability, and a sense of belonging. Here’s what some of the crew members had to say about the work program:

“I enjoyed being around people.”

“It helps me support my family.”

“Working gives me a reason to leave the house and a secure lifeline.”

“It has given me something to be proud of.”

“It has given me my life back.”

89 members participated in the work program, completed a total of 2,451 jobs, and worked 7,552 hours collectively. Members received more work opportunities and remained stable enough to work consistently throughout the year.

Quality of Life grants are supported by numerous unrestricted endowed funds and donations. The funded projects support a strong sense of belonging in the community. In 2022, a total of $372 thousand was granted for 28 organizations.

Explore Quality of Life grants and make a donation to Give YXE.

Photos: Crocus Co-op work crew and staff. Photos by Axis Imagery.

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