Youth Granting for Youth

Youth Endowment Saskatoon (Y.E.S.) Grants for Sustainable and Safe Living

13 organizations received over $65K in Youth Endowment Saskatoon (Y.E.S.) grants from Saskatoon Community Foundation in 2021, including the Family Service Saskatoon youth outreach program.

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The Y.E.S. grants program operates in partnership with the Students Commission of Canada and funds Saskatoon and Saskatchewan projects. Successful projects have youth involved in their delivery, planning or implementation, and demonstrate a direct impact for young peoples experiences. Y.E.S. is built on the principle and power of youth granting for youth.

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In 2021, the Youth Advisory Council focused on sustainable and safe living in the areas of mental health, substance use and abuse, racism and belonging, and climate change.

For a current list of all grant recipients, visit Youth Endowment Saskatoon grants.

To direct your donation to the Youth Endowment Saskatoon granting program, visit Youth Endowment Saskatoon fund page.

Photo: Family Service Saskatoon Outreach Worker Martin Nyai works with youth to help build resilience, independence and healthy relationships. Y.E.S. provided funding for the program in 2021. Photo by Dave Stobbe.

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