Cherry Tree House Productions Creates New Donor Advised Spendable Fund Benefiting Aspiring Musicians

Lowell McLaren and Denise Zentner of Cherry Tree House Productions have established a new Donor Advised Spendable Fund (DASF) with Saskatoon Community Foundation. The newly created fund is the first of many new DASFs held with the foundation as the novel product is rolled out to donors.

The foundation’s DASF responds to donor needs, offering a unique hybrid combining some of the best features of flow through funds and endowed funds. Donors can experience the impact and joy of giving in the near term, making an initial gift of $50,000 or greater, and using their donation to create grants over three to 15 years. The fund is invested in the foundation’s pool and continues to grow during this term. Donors select the charitable work they want to support through their DASF, and determine the timing of the granting schedule.

Lowell and Denise’s new DASF is named for their performance and event venue, Cherry Tree House Productions. With a mission to enhance the lives of Saskatchewan musicians through education, Cherry Tree House seeks ways to help Sasktachewan musicians of any age or ability discover the joys of music and the ways it can change their lives.

The Cherry Tree House Musical Education Fund honours the couple’s many years of dedication to the musical community of Saskatchewan. As it grows, the fund will create opportunities for musicians to share their love for and knowledge of music with aspiring players.

Lowell credits his start in music in part to a $110 scholarship he received as a young person to attend a music camp in Fort San in the Qu’Appelle Valley. 52 years later, he is “paying it forward” establishing a fund to benefit future musicians of the future.

Their definition of musical education ranges from providing a scholarship to a music program at the University of Saskatchewan, to enabling one of our artists to perform and conduct workshops in a rural community,  to funding a group of students attending fiddle camp in the Boreal Forest, to putting on an incredible music festival, to providing training at a recording studio.

All donations to the Cherry Tree House Musical Education Fund will be matched by Cherry Tree House Productions up to a monthly limit of $2,000. To make a secure online donation, visit Cherry Tree House Musical Education Fund.

For more information about creating a Donor Advised Spendable Fund, contact Philanthropic Advisor Jen Pederson.

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